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In Focus
In Focus
In Focus EL AJERI LAWYERS is selected "International Transactions Law Firm of the Year in Tunisia" in the 2016 Global Law Experts Annual Awards


Our strength

Expertise, unfailing reliability, continuous communication, constantly enriched experience…

  • Set up, mergers, termination, compulsory company liquidation, and opening representative offices, liaison offices, branch offices or agencies around the world

  • Legal secretarial work: assemblies, board of directors’ meetings, registered addresses, and assistance with all company actions

  • Assistance obtaining trader licenses, etc.

Contributed assets

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

  • Due diligence

  • Preparation of pre-closing, DATA ROOM, closing and post-closing

  • Group of companies

  • Associate or Shareholder Agreements

  • Counsel and assistance with transactions related to company operations.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Partnerships

  • Mergers and reorganization of private or public companies

  • Hiving off

  • Investment funds and development capital

  • Business transfer guarantees

  • Acquisition audits

  • Preparation of pre-closing, DATA ROOM, closing et post-closing

  • Economic Interest Grouping (GIE)

  • Joint ventures

  • Reorganization

  • Legal arrangements

Optimizing investments

  • Exploration of aid, exonerations, advantages and subsidies provided for investments

  • Assistance in obtaining aid, exonerations, advantages and subsidies

  • Legal monitoring of advantages

  • Raising awareness and support for upgrading programs

Initial Public Offering (IPO) / Financial instruments

  • Assessment of suitability of the appropriate market

  • Setting a strategy based on needs and objectives sought after

  • Assistance negotiating with stakeholders: investors, financial institutions and authorities

  • Drawing up of all stock market paperwork

  • Management of CMF and BVMT procedures

Public bids

  • Assistance implementing public bids

  • Counsel on defense strategy in case of a hostile takeover bid

Strategic consulting and assistance

  • Counsel concerning financial notices

  • Counsel about tax strategy

  • Drawing up of a prospectus

  • Management of CMF and BVMT procedures

Counsel for principal shareholders of listed companies

  • Structuring of shareholders’ agreements and joint actions

  • Counsel for strategies for transferring wealth

Assistance and counsel concerning annual stock market obligations

  • Counsel in financial disclosure

  • Drawing up of reference documents and annual reports

  • Preparation for general assemblies and board of director meetings

  • Monitoring ongoing and occasional reporting obligations

  • Legislative monitoring

Stock market litigation

  • Prevention of insider dealing or trading

  • Counsel on pre-litigation phase strategy

  • Assistance during investigation or hearing phases.

Corporate litigation

  • Litigation between associates or shareholders

  • Litigation between the company, its associates or its shareholders

  • Litigation between associates, shareholders and directors

  • Compulsory liquidation litigation, etc.