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Legal and notary services

In Focus
In Focus
In Focus EL AJERI LAWYERS is selected "International Transactions Law Firm of the Year in Tunisia" in the 2016 Global Law Experts Annual Awards

Legal and notary services

Our strength

A large capacity for proactive listening and specialized analysis.


  • Listening, analyzing, defining and validating the needs and interests at stake

  • Assistance negotiating agreements favorable to the needs and interests at stake

  • Assistance negotiating national and international agreements

  • Cooperation agreements (research, development, manufacturing, sponsoring, assistance, all types of partnerships, marketing rights management, commission, representation, etc.)

  • IT contracts and e-commerce

  • Distribution, sales, and deposit agreements and other specialized contracts

  • Due diligence and contract commentary

  • Assistance implementing strategies to manage contractual relationships as well as the termination of those relationships

  • Pre-litigation management of contract performance, etc.


  • Analysis of the legality of business practices and agreements with regards to competition law, agreements, abuse of dominant position, restrictive practices, mergers, cartels, etc.

  • Assistance and representation before the Competition Council and the Administrative Tribunal, etc.


  • Engineering of distribution systems

  • Franchise

  • Exclusive concession, selective distribution, commercial representation, commercial agency and others, intermediation

  • Agreements for the sale or purchase of commercial property

  • Agreements for the rental of commercial property

  • Lease agreements

  • Consumer rights litigation

  • Distribution rights litigation

  • Commercial and industrial lease litigation, etc.