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Litigation, Alternative dispute-settlement methods

In Focus
In Focus
In Focus EL AJERI LAWYERS is selected "International Transactions Law Firm of the Year in Tunisia" in the 2016 Global Law Experts Annual Awards

Litigation, Alternative dispute-settlement methods

Our strength

A great personal investment by each of our attorneys to find the solution that best fits our clients’ interests…

Our firm has four litigators.

Specifically dedicated to dispute settlement, the attorneys in the legal department are professionals who have chosen to defend clients in court as their daily activity.

The legal department follows our clients throughout the process: perceiving the problem, understanding the issues faced, and defining the best strategy based on the objectives to attain.

Litigation in court

We will

  • Ensure client representation and assistance in all Tunisian courts and councils

  • Take on any type of proceedings

  • Draft summons of any type

  • Prepare any initiatory pleadings

  • Present any payment orders or injunctions

  • Take protective measures in the interests of our clients, implement emergency procedures, do summary proceedings before the different jurisdictions, and represent and assist our clients in all legal matters

  • Present orders on request, etc.


We will

  • Study and choose an arbitration agreement

  • Propose to designate arbitrators suited to the client’s disputes

  • Do summary proceedings to nominate or remove arbitrators

  • Represent our clients before the arbitration courts

  • Implement emergency procedures

  • Undertake the necessary procedures to obtain protective measures

  • Plead before the arbitration courts

  • Initiate exequatur procedures

  • Initiate cancellation procedures


We will

  • Participate actively to develop the latest alternative methods for settling disputes by taking advantage of the top two Tunisian mediators.

  • Assess the flexibility of the process for our clients

  • Seek speedy solutions

  • Assist our clients with the mediation process

  • Guarantee a choice of mediators according to the specific issues faced by our clients

  • Prepare our clients for a successful negotiation and mediation

  • Participate in drafting transaction protocol

  • Commit to action to cancel mediation, etc.