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In Focus
In Focus
In Focus EL AJERI LAWYERS is selected "International Transactions Law Firm of the Year in Tunisia" in the 2016 Global Law Experts Annual Awards

Other skills

1/Public, environment

Our strength

Expertise in the local public legal environment…

  • Administrative law

  • Public procurement law

  • Law governing concessions

  • Local authority law

  • Delegation and public service law

  • Urban planning law

  • PPPs

2/Work and social

Our strength

Highly specialized…

  • Employment contracts

  • Rules of procedure

  • Social relations within the company

  • Social protection

  • Work-related injuries

  • Trade union law

  • Redundancy plans and job cuts due to economic or technical reasons

  • Prevention and management of labor disputes

  • Problems related to international and cross-border mobility

  • Engineering employment contracts and complex wage relations

  • Assistance obtaining work permits for foreigners

  • Assistance obtaining visas for foreigners

  • Assistance obtaining residency cards for foreigners

3/Collective agreements

Our strength

Expert knowledge…

  • Prevention of difficulties

  • Business recovery and compulsory liquidation, etc.

  • Bankruptcy, etc.


Our strength

We counsel the largest firms operating in the IT field in Tunisia and around the world. In everything from e-business, telecommunication, and IT to intangibles, IP, and privacy protection, we help our clients daily deal with the risks they are facing while providing them with the security they need to continue to innovate and create.

5/Asset recovery

Our strength

It lies in our distinctive capacity for rapid response in an entirely transparent framework. Our team gives uppermost priority to accessing reliable information in order to determine the most effective and least costly strategy to cover or secure the receivables of our clients as quickly as possible.

Our clients are financial institutions, foreign companies, international companies specialized in collecting outstanding receivables, multinational and local companies operating in all business sectors.


Our strength

Our team has an expert knowledge of all aspects involving transport by land, sea, rail and air thanks to daily counsel of several world leaders in transportation.

In questions related to regulations and their development, business expansion, crisis management, negotiations, liability, and dispute settlement, our teams strives to make our clients benefit from the best of our extensive experience.


Our strength

Expertise in tools for communication, dialogue and well-reasoned negotiation has made it possible for us to successfully execute and manage the most complicated successions, whether they be Tunisian or related to Tunisia. With the help of our foreign partners, we have been able to manage international successions.

8/Real estate

Our strength

A great number of our clients are property developers or major real estate investors. We support them during the many steps, from preliminary studies through establishment to marketing or completion of their projects. Drawing up all real estate contracts, we constantly look after the security of our clients’ investments.