EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) supports large companies, emerging startups and financial institutions in their development and investment activities.
From Mergers & Acquisitions and venture capital to private and public private equity and debt offerings, we assist our clients at all stages to ensure successful transactions.

As an international business law firm, EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) provides a full range of legal services to businesses over a wide scope of legal practice.
Our clients benefit from a valuable combination of local and international knowledge that enables us to manage all aspects of complex domestic and cross-border corporate transactions. Our deep understanding of the field and of the day-to-day issues our customers face, have always been the key tool to our success.


Alongside their legal experience, our lawyers are able to focus on specific sectors like banking, energy, healthcare, leisure, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing, technology and other sectors.

ElAjeri Lawyers advises on :

• Capital Markets
• Emerging growth and venture capital
• International investment funds
• Reorganization of international companies
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Public enterprise and corporate governance



EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) provides advice on national and international labor legislation and helps achieve goals. In partnership with our clients, we work on practical solutions and manage the risks related to challenges and legal objectives in relation with employment.

As part of DLA Piper international networks for legal advice, EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL)’s support covers many parts of the world as the firm is willing to put its clients in touch with internationally recognized skills in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


Our clients range from startups, to emerging multinationals as well as large, well- established one. We work with our clients locally and across borders. Our global reach and local knowledge mean we can partner with our clients to provide consistency, realize cost savings and help them identify and manage their priorities and risks across multiple sites.
Market and economic changes, new technologies, globalization and increasing mobility as well as the search for more flexible workforces and concern for compliance and ethics scrutiny, have made employment and labor challenges for multinationals more important than ever.

EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) assists you with :

• Purchases
• Subcontracting
• Modification of contractual relations
• Relations with local or international employees
• Confidentiality or data protection
• Local, cross-border or collective litigation
• Local or multi-jurisdictional compliance
• Risk management



With a team of finance lawyers and a network of well-established international law firms around the world, EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) helps its clients achieve their financial strategies in diverses markets.

Our clients include market actors, whom we often support on unprecedented transactions and on gaining access to new markets.
We share knowledge and skills in transactions involving, for example, lending and borrowing, debt securities, derivatives, funds, portfolios, FinTech solutions, as well as energy, infrastructure etc.


In the financial field, EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) assists you with:

• Asset based loans
• Asset financing
• Debt Capital Markets
• Debt financing
• Derivatives
• Global investment funds
• Investment and fund management
• Projects, energy and infrastructure
• Real estate financing
• Real estate and private equity funds
• Structured Finance and Securitization
• Trade and commodity finance



EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) is one of the most recognized law firms in commercial law, intellectual property law, confidentiality, procurement and technology law for major companies in Tunisia and across borders.
Our lawyers provide both advice related to dispute prevention, management and business strategies for a wide range of industry sectors, helping clients who range from emerging technology and pharmaceutical companies, to established banks and financial institutions achieve their goals.

Through its international network, EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) has access to nearly 500 dedicated lawyers in more than 24 countries, with particular skills in key global markets. Intellectual property and technology law is at the heart of every major business transaction or strategic litigation and has become one of the most critical areas of law as companies continue to develop and protect their technologies, brands, products, data and services worldwide.

EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) is part of a network that is globally recognized by legal directories and industry members as one of the leading networks, seamlessly combining multi-jurisdictional reach with knowledge and local and international experience.


EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) provides advice on:

• Prevention and management of litigation and conflicts
• Advertising, marketing and promotions
• Commercial contracts
• Cybersecurity
• Data protection and confidentiality
• Deductible
• Business reorganization
• Media, Sport, Games and Entertainment
• Patent litigation
• Technology transactions and strategic sourcing
• Telecom
• Trademark and copyright
• Law on video games and interactive entertainment



Whether you are an asset manager, fund sponsor or investor, our local and cross-border multidisciplinary, expert investment and fund management teams are well-positioned to advise you on your investment activities as well as on the entire value chain, from strategic planning and launch to liquidation. Through our international network, we have access to one of the largest investment and fund management practices in the world, with over 250 lawyers with relevant experience and 40 offices in all major global jurisdictions. Our global network enables us to design and deliver unique, coherent, consistent and comprehensive value services to asset managers and fund sponsors worldwide.

EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) collaborates with international investment and fund management law firms that represent the world’s leading private and institutional investors in thousands of domestic and foreign fund investments.

By working with top sponsees and sponsors, we know in advance what different parties expect. Performance-driven and focused, we understand your need to achieve the right financial returns, anticipate upcoming market trends and act responsibly.


Our investment and fund management lawyers are multilingual, culturally sensitive and never lose sight of your business objectives.



Our lawyers are skilled in litigation prevention and management, investigations and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and will use this experience to help you design the best strategies and achieve the best results. EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) has the necessary local knowledge to apply the regulatory, economic, political and cultural context to legal issues and to develop case strategies. We regularly deal with complex and technically difficult multi-jurisdictional cases. Our global reach enables us to provide you with fully integrated teams and consistent quality. We work with you to manage potential risks and implement the most effective solutions to reduce costs. Our goal is to resolve complex commercial disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible and to provide solutions aligned with your business objectives.

In an environment where regulation and its application are only increasing, representing critical commercial issues, we recognize that the use of alternative methods allows the control of the duration and the cost of the dispute settlement.


The globalization of world markets has brought unlimited business opportunities. However, it has also increased the potential for legal liability by exposing companies around the world to financial and reputational risks in multiple jurisdictions. Mitigating these risks requires early engagement with experienced attorneys who understand the cultural, legal and regulatory landscapes, and who will relentlessly strive to deliver results for their clients when litigation or regulatory intervention is unavoidable.

In this context, EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) advises you on:

• Negotiation and mediation
• Antitrust and Competition
• Litigation and Aviation Regulation
• Banking and financial litigation
• Class actions
• Construction, engineering and infrastructure conflicts
• Litigation restructuring
• Corporate and securities litigation
• Business disputes
• Cross-border litigation
• Cybersecurity
• Environment, Health and Safety
• Global governance and compliance
• Insurance and reinsurance disputes
• International arbitration
• Surveys
• IT and Telecom Litigation
• Concentration control.
• Patent litigation.
• Conflicts with private funds.
• Product Liability, Mass Crime and Product Stewardship.
• Public and administrative law.
• Real estate litigation.
• Tax disputes.
• White collar crime and corporate crime.



With one of Tunisia’s best private equity practices, EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) has the market knowledge and exposure to help you achieve your goals throughout the investment life cycle. Our global network of law firms with private equity expertise spans the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

As an international firm rooted in private equity, our clients benefit from the breadth and depth of our private equity experience and our key industry legal experience. We represent private equity institutions, management teams, debt providers and holding companies, at all stages of the private equity life cycle.


As private equity becomes more and more international (including in emerging markets), our firm is well placed to offer a truly integrated service, with consistent quality and responsiveness in all the jurisdictions in which we operate in Tunisia and abroad, through our partners around the world.

The strength and depth of our private equity practice is recognized with rankings in major legal directories such as LEGAL 500, Chambers etc.



EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) has a proven track record of delivering top notch legal services across all segments of the infrastructure and energy industries. We advise on energy law, infrastructure financing, transport issues and more.

Our lawyers understand strategic, technical, geographic and political factors that shape and impact these industries, as well as the business issues and risks inherent to working in these sectors. Our network of international partners gives us access to contacts, sponsors and key decision makers around the world.


EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) supports you in the areas of:

• Defense
• Infrastructure financing
• Nuclear
• Oil and gas
• Power and Transmission
• Public Private Partnerships and PFI
• Renewable energies
• Social infrastructure
• Transportation
• Water and Waste


Real Estate

EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) offers a full range of real estate services, including single asset and portfolio acquisitions and dispositions, single asset and multi-property/programmatic joint ventures, fund formation, corporate investment operations, cross-border investments, REITs, financing, construction and design, leasing, zoning/land planning, environmental law, real estate litigation and taxation.

Our clients benefit from our significant experience in orchestrating complex, long-term projects that involve drafting documents, facilitating negotiations, exploring legal and regulatory issues and, if necessary, pursuing litigation on their behalf.


We assist you with:

• Construction and Engineering
• Planning and land use planning
• Management of real estate assets
• Real Estate Development and Planning
• Real estate financing
• Real estate and private equity funds
• Property investment
• Real Estate Litigation




EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) provides advice at all stages of the regulatory process. We focus on areas such as international trade, antitrust, competition, global governance and others. Companies doing business around the world must comply with a myriad of statutes and administrative rules and regulations, many of which directly affect their ability to do business or expand their reach. The regulatory, government affairs and public policy environment is constantly changing, affected by politics, history, court rulings, interest groups, precedents and current events.

In close partnership with our extensive network of law firms around the world, EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) supports effective compliance that begins with an independent and realistic assessment and reputational risks that could threaten your business objectives. .


We represent clients before national, supranational / subnational governments and administrative organizations on a wide range of public policy, legislative, regulatory and administrative issues.
We defend the views of our clients and advocate before a range of executive, legislative and judicial institutions, independent administrative agencies, international organizations and multilateral development institutions.

We are backed, through our network of international partners, by one of the largest regulatory and government affairs groups in the world, with lawyers and policy professionals who have held senior positions in various branches of the government or who have acquired significant public policy experience in the business world.

We provide advice on:

• Antitrust and Competition
• Litigation and Aviation Regulation
• Data protection and confidentiality
• Environment, Health and Safety
• Global governance and compliance
• International trade and human rights
• International corporate reorganization
• International trade
• Product Liability
• Public and administrative law
• Telecom
• United States Law and Policy
• White collar crime and corporate crime



EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) intervenes in international restructuring, particularly in the context of large and complex cross-border restructurings. We develop innovative restructuring solutions for our clients to positively impact their business results.

Through dedicated corporate restructuring lawyers and our network of international partners across North and Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, we have retained the knowledge, experience and the resources to meet our clients’ restructuring needs, both nationally and internationally. Our lawyers “in the field”, specialists in restructuring, know perfectly the domestic markets and the problems that our clients encounter in this context.


EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) advises its clients on all matters relating to underperforming and struggling companies. The firm works with a varied clientele made up of debtors, lenders, government agencies, directors, shareholders, senior executives, as well as buyers and investors in bad debts and devalued assets.

Our team provide expertise on all restructuring operations concerning both medium-sized companies and the largest national and international companies. Our experience also extends to litigation issues arising from restructuring. We have significant experience advising clients on investigations, enforcement of decisions, litigation and asset recovery, in a multi-jurisdictional setting.



EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) is committed to improving businesses by helping customers and communities transition and thrive in a more sustainable future. We understand the unique challenges and needs of each industry and provide consistent global solutions that help our customers in Tunisia and around the world.

Improving sustainable strategies, performance and reporting and transitioning to a low-carbon economy must be guided by a set of clearly defined corporate values ​​and goals. Embedding a culture of sustainability and accountability will better equip companies, investors, policy makers and other stakeholders to deal with complex strategic, legal, financial and operational opportunities and changes related to sustainability.


We see sustainability as the ability of companies and other stakeholders to create long-term value in alignment with environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics relevant to their industry and business.

With solid sector experience, EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) provides advice on sector-specific sustainability, particularly in the following areas:

• Energy and natural resources
• Consumer goods food and distribution
• Insurance
• Financial services
• Life sciences
• Technology
• Infrastructure, construction and transport
• Media, sports and entertainment
• Real Estate
• Industries



EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) provides the full range of tax services that meet the challenges of business operations at the national and international level.
With our tax advisors in Tunisia and around the world, we help national and multinational companies to meet the complex challenges of trade and business operations and to manage and resolve tax disputes.

Companies operating in the global economy face complex tax issues, both in their home countries and in the jurisdictions in which they operate; this requires coordinated global service delivery incorporating both knowledge of national law, including tax treaties, as well as the appropriate international perspective. EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) also assists clients in structuring a wide range of transactions, ranging from private equity transactions to corporate acquisitions and divestitures.


Our tax lawyers draw on the experience of colleagues in many areas of law, including intellectual property and technology, corporate law and finance, real estate, employment and social benefits.




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