EL AJERI LAWYERS (EAL) is a modern full-service law firm who
offers legal services in various law
practice areas. Our client relationships are based on a long-term perspective and our clients are primarily owners of businesses and assets representing significant values. We always endeavour to gain
an overall perspective and then to find the best solution, adapted to the specific needs of our clients
in the most sophisticated fields of business law, particularly in the commercial and corporate disputes
For EAL, what is most important is providing the highest quality legal services and, by doing so, competing on the commercial law market. Therefore, EAL is not a full-service commercial law firm but,
rather, a dedicated “high-end firm” practicing in our diversified practice areas. Our goal is always to
find the best solution adapted to the specific needs of each client based upon an overall perspective.
We, the attorneys of EAL, have varying specialty expertise and work in teams in each area, where
each matter is staffed and based upon the principle of providing the best expertise in a cost-efficient
EAL is a leader in prevention and conflicts management techniques, thanks to Mediation services and
ADR we offer. We have a great deal of experience in various industry-specific agreements and provide
advice in conjunction with outsourcing of operations and functions. We regularly handle contract
structures for various forms of distribution and related questions. EAL witnesses a flagship success in
anti-corruption, personal data protection and compliance cases. In addition to that, we plan global
strategies combining between different actions before the Competition Council and Ordinary Courts.
EAL’s practice includes litigation and arbitration in the areas of law in which we practice, and we also
serve as arbitrators, for example, in share redemption disputes, commercial agreements, and shares
purchase or business purchase agreements. Since disputes (whether in the form of litigation or arbitration) can be both expensive and protracted, we always carefully evaluate the details of our client’s
matter before commencing legal proceedings.
Our client’s needs and demands for quality are our central focus. Through our quality assurance routines and our work approach, we ensure that our work always lives up to our client’s expectations in
the matter.
EAL always complies with the ethical rules of the International Law and the rules of professional conduct for attorneys and, of course, any applicable legislation. It also has internal policies, for example,
for ethics, data processing…

Legal assistance and advice in all fields of business law
Investment, Finance, Individuals and corporate tax regulations, banking and insurance
Project Funding, Studies and Technical Assistance
Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint-Venture and Restructurings;
Corporate, Competition Law, IP and IT
Investigation, Compliance and Regulatory
Litigation & MARC
Arbitration and Mediation


4 Rue Mahmoud El Materi Mutuelle Ville 1002 Tunis
+216 71 892 525

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EL AJERI LAWYERS is selected “International Transactions Law Firm of the Year in Tunisia” in the 2016 Global Law Experts Annual Awards

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