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Our lawyers in Tunisia provide clear and helpful legal advice in employment law to clients in several industry sectors. We understand the pressure that the client is under, define the issues and facts then we determine what type of legal procedures would be needed. We have wide experience in labor law which allows us to advise our clients on restructurings, employee and labor relations as well as collective or individual dismissals.

Employee and Labor Relations

Our lawyers in Tunisia provide useful insights when dealing with employee and labor relations matters and disputes. We assist our clients in protecting their long term interests preparing and reviewing contracts and the choosing the right procedures to avoid risk.

Employment Law Compliance , Litigation , Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers in Tunisia are familiar with employment law compliance matters. We are well-positioned to help clients in dealing effectively and creatively with compliance matters. Our clients come to us to understand their responsibilities, manage their risks and learn how to safeguard their businesses and reputations. Our lawyers in Tunisia have handled an array of employment litigation and dispute resolution matters. We have the talent to see the big picture before others do and to put in place a winning pre-litigation strategy. We gained the trust of our clients by defining case issues and facts and proving the ability to present legal arguments clearly, concisely and logically in written and oral form.

Pensions and Reward

Our lawyers in Tunisia are highly qualified in pensions and reward matters. We provide companies with advice in day to day matters regarding employee relations, rewards and work pensions plans as well as pensions related issues.


Our team has an expert knowledge of all aspects involving transport by land, sea, rail and air thanks to daily counsel of several world leaders in transportation.In questions related to regulations and their development, business expansion, crisis management, negotiations, liability, and dispute settlement, our teams strives to make our clients benefit from the best of our extensive experience.

Real Estate

Our real estate lawyers in Tunisia provide strategic advice to clients and guide them in achieving their goals in a wide variety of significant real estate projects. We are equipped to prepare and review documents such as purchase agreements, among others and accompany clients to project completion in an efficient, practical and cost-effective way.

Expertise in tools for communication, dialogue and well-reasoned negotiation has made it possible for us to successfully execute and manage the most complicated successions, whether they be Tunisian or related to Tunisia. With the help of our foreign partners, we have been able to manage international successions.
Collective agreements
Prevention of difficulties... Business recovery and compulsory liquidation... Bankruptcy, etc.


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