Mourad MabroukMaala BOS LE PROGRES Group

⦁ Organizing the Office System, (office equipment and digital archiving, school supplies); EBH Hardware store; Several international trade companies;
⦁ Identification and Developing business opportunities and managing projects and contracts, from inception to completion.
⦁ Overseeing the trading relationships to ensure their compliance with business goals or policies and understanding or managing the financial and risk implications of any variations.
⦁ Assisting the implementation of cooperation, partnership, supply, distribution, sale, rental from international trade transactions
⦁ Negotiating, drafting and commenting international commercial contracts
⦁ Due diligence, legal and monitoring of commercial and competitive practices
⦁ Making documentary research, summaries and judicial watch
⦁ Consulting and monitoring of the assets and liabilities of debtors
⦁ Programing the preventive of over-indebtedness
⦁ Implementing and assisting the administrative and legal management of the amicable settlement
⦁ Monitoring and evaluating the management and recovery missions
⦁ Drafting and commenting on various acts and contracts related to the management
⦁ Developing and managing renewal schedules for all ongoing contracts
⦁ Preventing individual and collective conflicts
⦁ Offering Commercial mediation

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4 Rue Mahmoud El Materi Mutuelle Ville 1002 Tunis
+216 71 892 525

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