Mourad MabroukMultinational New Technologies Group of French and Tunisian Law ADAMING (NTIC)

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⦁ Constituting legal advice and human resources management, representing in case of dispute, legal translation (French-Arabic and Arabic-French) of partnership contracts in Saudi Arabia Kingdom, data protection, customs operations
⦁ Assisting in business development in Tunisia.
⦁ Having a large practical experience in The Negotiated Settlement of Inter-Company Disputes
⦁ Coordinating the legal network and Business Development in Law Firm El Ajeri Lawyers.

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4 Rue Mahmoud El Materi Mutuelle Ville 1002 Tunis
+216 71 892 525

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EAL est choisi « Cabinet d’avocats de l’année en matière de transactions internationales en Tunisie » aux Global Law Experts Annual Awards 2016

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