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Advising an international pharmaceutical company Pfizer Pharmaceutical in a criminal complaint case by drafting a request for representing, preparing a conclusion that presents evidence and arguing in front of the investigation office in the court to support and defend Pfizer.

Assisting the Algerian company Green Field in employment conflicts matter by investigating and including all judicial procedures to obtain an appointment for a legal expertise resulting a solution that fits the legal and business needs of the client .


Advising the Singapore Tunisian Investment Company (STIC), specialized in hospitality and leisure and has a partnership with the famous Tunisian hotel The Residence. He assists STIC in different matters including employment conflicts by guiding it through a process that was overwhelming and load it toward a resolution .


Throw the strong understanding of the employment conflicts field Moez succeed in advising France embassy in Tunisia in this kind of matters by investigating, evaluating and reading all the relevant documentation received from the client and due to this preparing all the trial bundles and all the documentation required by the court both pre and post-trial.



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EAL est choisi « Cabinet d’avocats de l’année en matière de transactions internationales en Tunisie » aux Global Law Experts Annual Awards 2016

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