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⦁ Constituting legal advice and human resources management, representing in case of dispute, legal translation (French-Arabic and Arabic-French) of partnership contracts in Saudi Arabia Kingdom, data protection, customs operations
⦁ Assisting in business development in Tunisia.
⦁ Having a large practical experience in The Negotiated Settlement of Inter-Company Disputes
⦁ Coordinating the legal network and Business Development in Law Firm El Ajeri Lawyers.

⦁ Organizing the Office System, (office equipment and digital archiving, school supplies); EBH Hardware store; Several international trade companies;
⦁ Identification and Developing business opportunities and managing projects and contracts, from inception to completion.
⦁ Overseeing the trading relationships to ensure their compliance with business goals or policies and understanding or managing the financial and risk implications of any variations.
⦁ Assisting the implementation of cooperation, partnership, supply, distribution, sale, rental from international trade transactions
⦁ Negotiating, drafting and commenting international commercial contracts
⦁ Due diligence, legal and monitoring of commercial and competitive practices
⦁ Making documentary research, summaries and judicial watch
⦁ Consulting and monitoring of the assets and liabilities of debtors
⦁ Programing the preventive of over-indebtedness
⦁ Implementing and assisting the administrative and legal management of the amicable settlement
⦁ Monitoring and evaluating the management and recovery missions
⦁ Drafting and commenting on various acts and contracts related to the management
⦁ Developing and managing renewal schedules for all ongoing contracts
⦁ Preventing individual and collective conflicts
⦁ Offering Commercial mediation

⦁ Studying and solving of legal issues (company law, contract law, banking law, financial law, assistance with tenders, labor law), as well as the managing legal risks including the abusive breach of contracts and the Judicial Recovery of Receivables.
⦁ Assisting in the negotiation of transactions.
⦁ Managing Multi-jurisdictional International Litigation



4 Rue Mahmoud El Materi Mutuelle Ville 1002 Tunis
+216 71 892 525

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EAL est choisi « Cabinet d’avocats de l’année en matière de transactions internationales en Tunisie » aux Global Law Experts Annual Awards 2016

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