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March 18, 20200

All EAL team is committed to be by your side to support you during this ordeal.

Dear Clients, dear Partners,

The public authorities have just announced new measures to deal with the spread of Covid-19, which places our country and all our citizens, as well as all humankind in a totally unprecedented situation.

We intend to be fully invested and committed by your side in this ordeal.

We had already taken the measures that a policy of prevention justified, by restricting access to our headquarters, considering that the imperative of public health and exemplariness should prevail.
We immediately implemented a business furtherance plan, guaranteeing all our clients complete continuity of activity and service while safeguarding the health and safety of our teams and their families.

The partners and associates who usually assist you remain perfectly reachable and reactive and are naturally able to organize any remote exchanges and conferences with you. They have fluid and secure access to all useful data, particularly in terms of knowledge management.

Our teams are fully committed to the firm’s values and we guarantee their commitment, professionalism and sense of service to support you during this difficult period.

In this new situation, the historical strength of our expertise in all areas of law is especially mobilized in the face of this crisis and constitutes a decisive asset at your service.

We help you to cope by giving you all the useful information on the measures taken by the public authorities, promoting their correct application, enabling you to take the appropriate decisions, securing your business and your projects.

We are sure that together we will get through this hardship, for you and your families, as best we can, taking care of you and your family first.



Managing Partner EAL

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