The virtue of justice consists in
moderation, as regulated by wisdom.


About El Ajeri Lawyers

A Tunisian law firm of international standing specialized in business law. Our team is attentive and listen proactively to understand the real needs of the client, look out for his best interests and provide a personalized service.

Renowned for the quality of our interventions,
Our dynamism, our accessibility, and our speed, we, people of EAL, offer expertise covering the main areas of law.
endowed with An international background that allows us to better anticipate and understand the changing needs and challenges of our clients.
We build on the work of a talented and

interdisciplinary team that works together to protect the legal and financial interests of a public, private, institutional, and business customers.

We listen
we accompagn
we team up

Our philosophy

Get to know our clients by listening attentively and gauging their real needs and objectives in order to more effectively protect their interests.

Experienced in all fields of business law, our attorneys are attentive and listen proactively to understand the real needs of the client, look out for his best interests and provide a custom-fit, personalized service for any sized company or field of operation.

Members of several international networks and known by the most famous international business lawyers, our attorneys have built personal and privileged relationships with the greatest lawyers abroad. This advantage allows our clients access to the most effective and specialized solutions at any time anywhere in the world.

Legal and notary services

A large capacity for proactive listening and specialized analysis.

Tax law - Finance and investment

The experience acquired by our team allows us to provide our clients with in-depth know-how in all areas of finance,

Litigation, Alternative dispute-settlement methods

A great personal investment by each of our attorneys to find the solution that best fits our clients’ interests…


In addition to the experience and background of our team members who have studied and/or worked abroad, we have a good command of several working languages, especially French and English but also including Italian and, of course, Arabic.


4 Rue Mahmoud El Materi Mutuelle Ville 1002 Tunis
+216 71 892 525

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EL AJERI LAWYERS is selected “International Transactions Law Firm of the Year in Tunisia” in the 2016 Global Law Experts Annual Awards

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